Cara Mendaftar Adsenscamp Bisnis PPC

Sebelum membaca tutorial ini silahkan daftar di adsenscamp terlebih dahulu KLIK DISINI
Lihat Contoh Gambar

Untuk mengefektifkan pemasangan iklan advertiser pada blog yang terdaftar di publisher AdsenseCamp saat ini tiap iklan yang terdaftar harus disesuaikan dengan kategori iklan tersebut. Hal tersebut kami berikan agar iklan yang tampil pada blog publisher sesuai dengan content yang diusung oleh blog tersebut.

3 Tips To Make Images SEO Friendly On Blogger

I sat down last night to find out why Wordpress blogs have better search engine rankings when compared to the Google's Blogger. The answer which I found was that Wordpress blogs are highly SEO optimized (especially those run on Thesis Theme), meaning that the plugins on WP make it flexible for the user to optimize his/her blog more compatible with the search engine algorithms. Whereas, this is not the case with blogger.


99Shoutbox: Create Instant Embeddable Shoutbox For Your Website

99Shoutbox the newly announced product by 99Widgets is a great addition to blogs and websites.

99Shoutbox is an embeddable widget that can live anywhere in the web (website, blog, social networking page and more…) leaving a door open for the visitors of the page to interact with each other or leave a message for the site owners in real-time.


ShoutMix stop their service for Free Member and Kick Freemium

Free service has to stop

Thanks for using ShoutMix for all these year. I have been providing free shoutboxes on the World Wide Web for over 7 years now. It wasn't long before I realized being 100% free is not sustainable. Just before ShoutMix's first birthday, it almost had to be closed.
ShoutMix has tried to work with the freemium business model ever since. Conversion rates were low with the first version. With the second version, things improved and I have had more paying customers. Fortunately people liked the service and started paying for more features.


Moving widgets (gadgets) from an old template to a new one!

The most common problem at the time of uploading a new template is that we “lose our widgets”. Is there a way of installing a new template without having to get rid of ourbeloved widgets? The answer is yes, and yes, it’s simple :) .

QuickT :: How to show only labels with more than X posts!

1. Go to Layout> Edit HTML and do NOT check the “Expand widget templates” box:
2. Look for this line of code:
<b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' title='Labels' type='Label'/>

How To Add Label Rss Feed Link Button To Each Blogger Categories

How to Add Label Rss Feed Link Button To Each Blogger Categories

How to Add Rss Feeds Image button in front of all your blogger labels, so that your readers can subscribe to your particular categories only they like the most instead of subscribing for your all blog posts.This is very useful for blogs who have mixed type content with several different categories in there blog.

How To Add Tweet This (Twitter) Button To Each Blogger Post

How To Add Tweet this (Twitter) button to Each Blogger Post
Hi friends “Tweet this” button will enable your readers to share your post with other Twitter users. This will help promote your blog and possibly increase your Twitter followers.
This button will appear at the bottom area of each post.

How to display the Scripts and Codes in blogger post

How to Display Scripts and Codes in Blogger Posts
How to display the Scripts and Codes in blogger post To show codes in blogger post in special section.

Suppose we want to show a simple code like bellow
<h1> Related posts </h1>

but it is HTML Code so it will display like bellow

How To Hide / Remove Status Message Bar In Blogger Blogs

How to Hide / Remove Status Message Bar in Blogger Blogs
What is "Status Message Bar" in Blogger Blog? 
In Search pages or in Label Pages You can observe a Bar with some message at the top of posts.
that is Status Message Bar. 
It should be like...:-)

How To Disable Official Blogger Lightbox

How to Disable Official Blogger LightboxBlogger Team announced their new official blogger lightbox plugin for post images. With this light box you can view your post images and pictures in Light box popup window. This is pretty cool plugin for Images galleries and photographers. However, some blogger don't need to use this plugin (or) already they have a custom Light Box plugin installed. After receiving the Feedback form blogger users, blogger updated the Light box ad added the option to Dashboard. So, you can Disable this plugin with 2 to 3 simple steps. 

Open external links in a new page on Blogger

Here we can use a script thta will make every external link to open in a new page.
  1. Go to the “Template” tab, also called “Layout” from the desktop, and then go to “Edit HTML”.
  2. Layout Blogger
  3. Search the following text:
  4. ]]></b:skin>
    and just after this paste the following:
    <script language='javascript'>
    var dominio = "";
    var dominio1 = "";
    var script = "javascript:void(0);";
    var imagenesblogger0 = "";
    var imagenesblogger1 = "";
    var imagenesblogger2 = "";
    var imagenesblogger3 = "";
    var blogger1 = "";
    var blogger2 = "";
    var publicidad = "";
    function LinksExternos() {
    var Externo;
    if (document.getElementsByTagName('a')) {
    for (var i = 0; (Externo = document.getElementsByTagName('a')[i]); i++) {
    if (
    Externo.href.indexOf(dominio) == -1 &amp;&amp;
    Externo.href.indexOf(dominio1) == -1 &amp;&amp;
    Externo.href.indexOf(script) == -1 &amp;&amp;
    Externo.href.indexOf(imagenesblogger0) == -1 &amp;&amp;
    Externo.href.indexOf(imagenesblogger1) == -1 &amp;&amp;
    Externo.href.indexOf(imagenesblogger2) == -1 &amp;&amp;
    Externo.href.indexOf(imagenesblogger3) == -1 &amp;&amp;
    Externo.href.indexOf(publicidad) == -1 &amp;&amp;
    Externo.href.indexOf(blogger1) == -1 &amp;&amp;
    Externo.href.indexOf(blogger2) == -1
    Externo.setAttribute('target', '_blank');
    //Externo.setAttribute('class', 'linkexterno');
    window.onload = function() {
  5. In the last code, replace and for your blog’s address, and that’s it.

    This Article from here


Bom Like And Unlike Facebook Status and Comment

Nice one, dapet dari blog nya master  Tedi Wijaya . Sebelumnya khan saya pernah share juga beberapa  script unik in addressbar dan auto accept and ignore friends request . Nah kali ini script nya asik juga Addressbar Script Like And Unlike Facebook Status and Comment :D . Mungkin ada komunitas jempolers di facebook itu gara-gara script ini kali ya hehhee .

Auto like status dan comment facebook via greasmonkey

Cara auto like status dan comment facebook dengan script greasmonkey

Boom Like comment and status Facebook iya kali ini saya akan memberikan bagaimana memboom Like comment and status Facebook 

Pertama alat yang harus di persiapkan

1. Browser (Firefox dan Google Chroom)
2. Addons Greasmonkey
3. Script Bomm Like Comment And Status Facebook


How to block Adblock On Your Blogger/Blogspot Site

I guess that title is a misnomer. I mean, this method doesn't really "block" Adblocksoftware per se, but it certainly does the next best thing! If you don't use Adblock software, then you probably aren't aware of any changes here at Bauer-Power, but if you do use it (I'm looking at you Ryan, and Frank), you probably noticed a nice little message pop up asking you to kindly disable Adblocker when using this site.


Export Wordpress Theme to Blogspot


Blogger does not currently support importing a wordpress blog, but you can still do it easly:

1. Login to your WordPress account and navigate to the Dashboard for the blog that you'd like to transfer to Blogger. Click on the Tools tab > Export link, then download the WordPress WXR export file by clicking on Download Export File and save this file to your local machine.

Pengertian PTR, PTC, PPC, CPM, Affiliate dll

Pengertian PTR, PTC, PPC, CPM, Affiliate dll. Beberapa minggu ini saya banyak mendapatkan pencerahan tentang dunia bisnis online setelah sekian lama membiarkan blog saya tanpa dimonetisasi yang membuat kegiatan blogwalking dan ngeblogpun jadi kurang semangat. Beruntung saya masih mempunyai beberapa artikel draft yang tersimpan dan siap diluncurkan sehingga tidak terlalu memusingkan saya untuk update artikel.

Mengingat akan kejenuhan tersebut, maka saya berinisiatif dengan jalan lain. Yaitu dengan chat dengan kawan-kawan blogger lain untuk refreshing sekaligus mencari cara seputar bisnis online.

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